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Dog Running


Using methods based on rewarding right answers and not punishing wrong answers, PATH offers force-free, positive training for dog and human.  We train puppies starting as young as 8 weeks old when they first get to go home, all the way through senior dogs (Ash's record is a 17-year-old lab).  We train pets, therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, service dogs, sport dogs, and trick dogs.  We have extensive experience with all the breeds from the tiniest teacup chihuahua to the largest Neapolitan mastiff.  We also will work with dogs who have bite histories.


Doggie Stay

All Group Events last 1 hour
Most Zoom sessions last 1.5 hours
1-1 Sessions usually last 1hr to 1.5hrs

Group Classes

Zoom Session

Dayschool Session

1-1 In-Home or Public Setting Session

$20/class, RSVP on Meetup




Dog at the Beach


All training programs come with the following perks:
  • Zoom session is free, but you can pay a $100 deposit and the remainder of the program after the Zoom session to make sure it's a good fit

  • Price per session drops to $150, a $25 savings per session versus pay-as-you-go and the Zoom session is FREE

  • Pre-structured to take the guesswork out of what you need

  • Guarantee:  puppy or dog will demonstrate comprehensive fluency of the topic by the end of the session, and mastery typically within 1-2 weeks of practice (10 mins/twice a day is usually sufficient)

  • Warranty:  if you are in need of a specific refresher, you may attend 1 group class for free -- just let Ash know in advance

  • A thorough Google Doc of training notes

  • Lifetime remote support via email and text message (phone calls by appointment)

  • Customization requests accepted

& New Dogs

Guaranteed to help troubleshoot common issues when a new puppy or dog comes home, such as housetraining, separation anxiety*, crate training (optional), and property destruction such as digging or chewing, as well as basic manners and obedience.

  *Separation anxiety beyond the typical stress of a new place will require behavioral intervention beyond the scope of this program.

Economy Puppy Package (1 month) - $350

  1. A Zoom session to prepare for in-person training

  2. 2 in-home sessions to teach in-home manners

  3. A socialization* buddy session with one of Ash's dogs, where we go on a field trip to the vet and various pet-friendly stores

  4. 3 PACT classes

*The vet must be within 15mins of Foothill Ranch, or a $10 travel fee may apply.  Socialization should begin prior to the puppy completing all their vaccines, but with health awareness -- which will be covered in the Zoom session.

Upgraded Puppy Package (2 months) - $850

Everything in the Economy Puppy Package, plus:

  1. 2 sessions on loose-leash walking and acclimating to a harness

  2. A handler focus session when in a public setting, such as a park or dog-friendly store (housetraining is required)

  3. 5 PACT classes

  4. Professionally structured socialization with Ash's dogs*

*If your puppy or dog doesn't pass the temperament test to indicate this would be beneficial for them, we can do a session to work on calmly co-existing instead

Economy Adult Dog Package (1 month) - $600

Adult Dogs

  1. A Zoom troubleshooting session

  2. 2 in-home sessions to teach in-home manners and obedience:  name, tag, focus, sit, down, stay & release, come, mat & relax, leave it, drop it

  3. 2 sessions on loose-leash walking

For dogs who have been in your home a while, but need to learn how to follow important cues to be well-mannered family companions at home and in public.  We'll go over instilling rock solid obedience, guaranteed to see fluency by the end of the program.

Upgraded Adult Dog Package (2 months) - $1200

Everything in the Economy Adult Dog Package, plus:

  1. An advanced session on mat training to prepare for outdoor seating (at restaurants, sports events, family picnics, etc.)

  2. 2 sessions on off-leash training (done on a long leash per the law)

  3. 2 CGC classes and optional FREE test

Therapy Dogs

These are dogs who go to hospitals and see patients, lie down for hours while children read to them at libraries, help support victims in court rooms, or in some other way serve the public in a therapeutic capacity.  If your dog's temperament is deemed ideal for this work, this will help you to get certified as a team by Pet Partners or TDI.

Therapy Dog Package (3 months) - $900

  1. Prerequisites:  must already know the basics of sit, down, stay & release on a mat for 30 minutes or more, and loose-leash walking

  2. A Zoom troubleshooting session

  3. 2 in-home sessions to teach manners and obedience

  4. A session on loose-leash walking

  5. 3 public sessions to proof everything and desensitize to a school, courtroom, hospital, and/or library environment

  6. 10 PACT classes

  7. 2 CGC classes and FREE test (required for certification by PP or TDI)

Service Dogs

Unlike Therapy Dogs who help others, Service Dogs* go through 1-2 years of intensive training to help their disabled handlers.  This training includes bomb-proof desensitization to all they may encounter in public, as well as impeccable obedience and task training.

  *There are NO legal certifications or registries in the US, and PATH takes a zero tolerance stance for anyone who commits fraud to take their pet, well-mannered or not, into public by labeling it as a service dog.

Service Dog Package (6 months) - $4,000
paid monthly - $675 (6th month = $625)

  1. Evaluation of the prospect puppy or dog

  2. A Zoom session to develop a custom plan catered to the handler's disability

  3. 20 sessions to teach obedience and task training, held both in-home and in public as needed

  4. 3 sessions to prepare for each of the 3 CGC tests:  CGC, CGCA, CGCU

  5. 20 PACT classes

  6. 5 CGC classes

  7. 2 sessions to prepare for the IAADP public access test

  8. FREE certificate of completion + custom service dog vest with PATH logo

*It is entirely possible this package may need to be repeated at least once in order for a team to graduate.

What Our Clients Say


Kate Uruchurtu

"Ash is fantastic! Her blend of skill and humor make dog training fun and effective! Her passion, knowledge, and patience can't be beat!

As a fellow dog trainer, I have used her services with my own dog when I needed another point of view, and I have referred many clients to her that I was unable to take on when I was on leave. They have all loved her."

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