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Frequently Asked Questions

While this is not an exhaustive list, these are the most common questions I get.  Being a small business, we hope to save us all some time and have this available for reference to all.  If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Dog Portrait

Why don't you use prong collars and e-collars?

Ash freely admits that prong and e-collars can be used by some expert handlers on certain dogs without causing significant harm.  However, that is NOT the case for inexperienced handlers and many dogs.  It's also unnecessary using science-based positive methods based on rewarding the right answer instead of punishing the wrong one.

Are you a real dog whisperer?

Animal communication is a science, an art, and an intuitive knowing.  Ash has spent over 30 years studying animals -- dogs and horses in particular -- to be able to reach them on a deeper level, evolving into what some call a spiritual connection.

Why do all you dog trainers charge more than PetSmart and PetCo?

Simple:  we charge more because we offer more.  We are more experienced, handle more types of dogs, have invested thousands in higher education and/or certification, and offer more services with more flexibility in our schedule.  Think of it like shopping for anything else:  you get what you pay for.

I signed up for a package, but I want to keep working with you.  Can I keep the discounted rate?

Absolutely.  The pay-as-you-go rate doesn't apply after the completion of any program.  I just ask clients to please pay 1 month in advance for simplicity, rather than pay-as-you go for weekly scheduling.

Why don't you charge as much as the trainers who use prong and e-collars?  Does that mean you're not as good?

No, we just find it atrocious to charge up to $1000+/session to help dogs live higher quality lives with their owners.  We're in it to help animals be better partners to their humans, and vice versa.  Not to be millionaires.

How do the payment plans work?

There is no lump sum requirement.  All training programs are paid monthly, regardless of duration.  You receive the discounted rate of $25 off per session and can attend all group classes for only $20/class.

Woman and Dog on Hike

What makes PATH different from all the other
positive trainers and behaviorists?

In the United States, anyone can hang a shingle calling themselves a dog trainer or behaviorist.  The industry is entirely unregulated.  Ash endeavors to eventually pursue passing federal legislation change this.  She has acquired certification through the American Kennel Club as an evaluator, the Do More With Your Dog organization as a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, and holds master's degrees in animal behavior for canine/feline and equine.  It is the higher education that really sets Ash apart from the competition, virtually no one else is educated to this degree in this field.

PATH has evolved from not only being a positive training organization, but also a reward-based, holistic, back-to-nature methodology for helping humans and dogs create partnerships.  Many trainers speak about the relationship we have with our animals, but almost no one is willing to elevate animals to our partners.  Having worked with so many service dog clients, Ash feels this partnership is vital to honoring, understanding, and perfecting our interactions with our animals.

Ash is pursuing nature-based healing modalities for humans, has a bachelor's degree in education, and has been assisting or teaching various subjects since she was 9 years old.  She first was invited to be a demonstrator for her ballet class, then an assistant for the horseback riding summer camp, eventually becoming a counselor and a lessons instructor, then teaching music from 4yo through university level.  This varied experience in teaching makes Ash's approach to both ends of the leash much more thorough than other trainers who primarily focus on helping people achieve certain techniques, not deepen the bond with their animal through knowledge of how the animal mind works.  Now that she is also pursuing a therapeutic role for humans, her wish to one day open a healing sanctuary for animals and trauma survivors is well under way.

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