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Becoming a behaviorist takes more than just working with animals who have troubling behaviors.  The title denotes a certain amount of education, experience, and demonstrated skills that create successful outcomes.  Ash has been working with behavior cases since 2008, has dual master's degrees in animal behavior, and has extensive personal experience with extremely challenging dogs of her own.  If your animal struggles with fear, anxiety, over-arousal, reactivity, and/or aggression, Ash can help using positive methods that are reward-based.  No punitive tools needed.

Watch Ash's 6-Step Method
to Resolve Reactivity in Action

Click below to watch the other case studies on YouTube.


There is also an intro video about the project.

Book coming soon!
WHY DOG, by Ash Miner, MS-AB, CTDI


PACT Group Class

Zoom Session

Dayschool Lesson

1-1 Session

(at your home or a park)

$35/class (drop-in) on Meetup


$125 + $25 travel fee at public place


Online Consulting

It's usually best to begin with an online consult, even if you're in Orange County.  However, Ash does work with people all over the world and is happy to coordinate with local trainers.

PACT Group Class

These events are on Sunday mornings and are specifically to help structure a group setting for dogs with behavior quirks.  As dogs overcome their issues in a neutral territory, it's time to start generalizing.  With a little bit of training interspersed with carefully structured walking, dogs make huge progress toward mastering coping skills and beginning to reintegrate into society.

In-Person Sessions

Ash has apprentices, an assistant, and her own dogs available to help systematically overcome various triggers for difficult behaviors after conquering them with her directly.

Dayschool Training

Sometimes, a dog really requires a level of expertise and consistency that just isn't realistically possible with the family's schedule, physical abilities, or other possible conflicts.  In these instances, Ash is able to work 1-1 with the dog, provide videos to show what was worked on in the session, and a report card to track progress.



PATH's approach to resolving behavior issues is much more custom-tailored than most chain training companies.  Dogs have been scientifically proven to have similar brain responses to stimuli that indicate an emotional intelligence comparable to that of humans.  Treating challenging behaviors like problems instead of symptoms of an underlying unmet need is not only ineffective in the long run, but inhumane and unethical.

1 Month Package

for Reactivity to

Dogs and/or People


1 Online Consultation - thorough history, health and diet recommendations, equipment changes to be purchased, schedule alterations, etc.

1 Prep session - for cues needed to do well, these usually include:  emergency u-turn, tag, mat, relaxation protocol, leave it, drop it, come, loose-leash walking, handler focus, and more

2 resolving reactivity sessions - either with Ash and her dogs, or with Ash and her apprentices, depending on the dog's triggers

Add 2nd Month for the Package for Reactivity to Dogs and/or People

$800 (total $1500)

2 additional resolving reactivity sessions - to further the dog's comfort with triggers in a neutral location

1 transition session - to translate the dog's non-reactivity in a neutral location in the dog's neighborhood

1 real life session - either in a public place or at home and in the neighborhood

Specialty Sessions

For dogs suffering from separation anxiety, car anxiety, territorial aggression, general anxiety, or phobias to sounds, this can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.  A custom program can be designed at the online consultation.

What Our Clients Say


Jamie Shaffer

Before we started training with Ash walks were always stressful and occasionally ended in tears. I’ve tried other trainers before but no one was ever able to connect with my dog and understand him or bring out his personality beyond his anxiety.

She has helped him learn to be a dog, he now sniffs on walks, rolls in the grass, and is able to walk past dogs across the street without going over threshold every time. He’s even made amazing progress in the pack walks and on 1-1 sessions with Takoda, her wonderfully patient dog.

I even recently had a neighbor comment on his improved behavior, something I never felt was possible. I travel an hour away for lessons, no one else compares to Ash’s knowledge, compassion, and commitment to improving the relationship between a dog and their owner.

I will be leaving the area soon and finding someone else to take over our training will be a huge role to fill. My dog will miss her, I will miss her, and I wish I could selfishly take her with us. If you’re looking for an experienced dog trainer that uses evidence-based training, I highly recommend Ash.

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