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Meet Ash

Ash began training her down dogs when she was 10, working with horses when she was 13, and also has experience with cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and parrots of various types.

She was first requested to volunteer her training expertise for a greyhound rescue, thus beginning her dog training business in 2008.  She has served her clients as a walker, trainer, communicator, and behaviorist.

Ash's biggest passions in life are learning and teaching.  With all her clients, she endeavors to not only provide steps and tools for success, but knowledge and wisdom to truly grow a partnership between humans and animals.


Unity Environmental University

Dual Master's Degrees

in Animal Behavior & Wellness:

Canine & Feline (June 2023)

Equine (October 2023)

Eastern Michigan University

Dual Bachelor's Degrees:

Music Education (June 2008)

Violin Performance (June 2008)

Master's Degree:

Violin Performance (April 2010)


  1. Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI)

  2. Certified AKC Evaluator (CGC, STAR Puppy, Tricks)

  3. PATH Professional Dog Trainer (PPDT)

  4. PATH Behavior Consultant (PBC)


  1. Force-Free training

  2. Positive, Reward-based training

  3. LIMA (Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive)

  4. Humane Hierarchy

  5. Animal Communication


  1. Service Dog in Training Manners Evaluation (SDiTME)

  2. Service Dog Public Access Test

  3. CGC Testing

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