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PATH Animal Institute

PATH has specific dog training programs for puppies or new dogs, adult dog manners & obedience, behavior modification for aggressive/reactive or fearful/anxious dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, trick or sport dogs, and many more customizable programs to suit your needs.

We specialize in force-free, reward-based behavior modification for dogs and other animals, from horses to cats to parrots to hamsters. Ash Miner is the founder and Head Trainer.  She holds dual master's degrees in animal behavior for canine/feline and equine from the accredited Unity Environmental University.  She is an AKC certified evaluator, as well as Certified Trick Dog Instructor.  She works with clients internationally, is based in Orange County, California, offers online and in-person private sessions, as well as group classes, workshops, writing, and events.

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How can PATH help you?

Dog Training

Dog Training

Puppies can begin training as young as 8 weeks old, thanks to the kindness of positive methods.  Whether you have a new or old dog, training has been scientifically proven to improve the quality of life for dogs and their humans.  By investing in learning 1-1 at home, you then can practice those skills in the real world at group events for a discounted rate of $20/class.

Dog in Action

Dog Behavior

If your dog has a concerning behavior, rely on someone with a master's degree to help resolve it rather than someone with an arbitrary certification or questionable experience and education.  Rely on scientifically-backed methods for modifying behaviors from resource guarding, separation anxiety, reactivity on walks, territorial aggression, or anything else.

Horse Stall Portrait

Animal Partnerships

From parrots, to rodents, to horses, to cats, and anything else, PATH puts partnership above most everything else.  Ash owns her own parrots and hamsters, and has experience with various farm animals, having trained and competed in hunter-jumper shows through her early 20's.  Whatever your issue with your animal, let's find a creative solution customized for your unique situation based on clear communication and mutual understanding.

Wild Horses
Dog on stone in the water

Partnership - animals are our equals
And - we honor our symbiotic relationship
Trust - has to go both ways for respect
Here - in the present moment

Ash Miner has spent her entire life studying and learning from animals.  PATH represents the culmination of her animal-based apprenticeship.  While reviewing the latest scientific, gentle, and positive learning theories for humans and other animals, Ash has always been a student of the animals themselves.

The message for animals from human peoples all over the world and all throughout time has been clear:  Thank you for helping us live better.

The message for human peoples from animals has frequently been overlooked in recent years:  Please help us live better, too.

PATH exists to serve clients needing help with their animal partnerships, specializing in animals with behavior issues, as well as training service dogs.  Ash also works with the average pet owner, and besides dogs, has experience with horses, parrots, cats, and various rodent species.


PATH Animal Institute Behavior Consulting & Training
Contact Ash Miner, MS-AB, CTDI, MM, BM, AKC Eval

PATH Animal Institute
In-Person in Orange County, California

Online Internationally
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Monday 2:00PM - 8:00PM

Tuesday - Saturday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
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